XIV International Festival of Massage, Spa and Wellness

Main Idea: The place of power for Massage Therapists
Contacts: topspafest2017@mail.ru








You choose what you want to learn - the teachers and the best massage techniques - through www.topspafest.com
The TOP - the best of the best - is formed on the basis of Your choice.
TOP massage schools prepare new massage techniques specially for TOPSPAFEST. And you can learn them first in the world.



More than 200 professionals from different countries. The legendary warm and friendly atmosphere. Useful connections. A soulful relationship for years to come.


Sea. Yoga. Massage. Spa and hammam. Delicious, varied, proper food.
You decide what's important to you: Recovery. Energy. Detox. Reload. Or Relax.



You can choose the "MASTER" program - advanced massage and Wellness technologies
"BEGINNING MANAGER" - how to start your own business and how to manage business in the field of massage, Spa and Wellness
"INTERNATIONAL TEACHER" -  for those who are planning to teach others around the world.



TOPSPAFEST is a Territory of Peace and Love. Here hearts and souls are open. Here families are born and relationships are strengthened.



What is a TOPSPAFEST? Why is the TOPSPAFEST necessary?

And why exactly it?

What is special about it?

What is the main thing about it?

And what does make it different from all other events? TOPSPAFEST..

There are three components in this word:



Any festival is a festivity. It is a firework of positive emotions. It is a way out of gray, boring everyday life to the edge of the possible. Beyond the edge ... It is the expansion of the boundaries of common reality. Every person needs a warm, friendly, creative atmosphere from time to time. Each of us is looking for an inspiration. Each of us dreams to do what he is meant to do. We all want to become better person. We need the energy of the festivity.

Our TOPSPAFEST creates this bright energy. According to TOPSPAFEST participants, the charge is so powerful that its energy is enough for the whole year ahead.


Doctors say that the life of a modern person can last 20-30 years longer if this life is organized correctly. We believe that the life of a modern person should be not only longer, but also happier. Happiness, of course, is an individual concept. But it is difficult to imagine happiness without a clear perception of this world through all five organs of our senses. And happiness is hardly possible without excellent health at any age and under any circumstances of modern life. Humanity has accumulated a lot of experience in the treatment of diseases. All the attention of modern medicine has long been focused patirculary on diseases.

The TOPSPAFEST concept is the concept of SPA&WELLNESS, that is, a professional approach to maintaining health using natural Genesis tools and methods.  We gather professionals of massage, bath, yoga, cosmetology, all the best health and rejuvenation technologists. We invite the most powerful management experts able to organize productive business processes. Thus, TOPSPAFEST is a mandatory and annual breath of fresh knowledge for SPA & WELLNESS professionals. By the way, each of us, literally everyone is simply obliged to be a professional in relation to his own health. So, there are no outsiders at the TOPSPAFEST. We are all adherents of the SPA sooner or later. Better, of course sooner.


From ancient Greek τόπος - "place" and from English. top - "top", "upper part". You can combine the etymological flows of the word - TOP - "Place on the Top."

We, the organizers, confirm that TOPSPAFEST is your place on the top. Exactly here the best of the best teachers and technologies are selected.

This TOP is made of the best teachers, the best techniques, the best companies, Final of the Russian Massage Championship, Final of the International SPA-BAN Championship, TSF Award - The First Award for achievements in SPA & WELLNESS.

The TOPSPAFEST is the largest and most massive SPA & WELLNESS Festival with largest number of participants from a lot of cities and countries. TOPSPAFEST itself  has opened many new names and new healing technologies, gave the start of many other professional events and festivals. At the same time, TOPSPAFEST is still N1.


Our goal is to show your way to the place at your top.

To give you an opportunity to live your life according to the best scenario of your destiny.

It is believed that "if a person finds a favorite job, he does not work even a day."

Is it difficult for TOPSPAFEST to be a Leader for 12 years?


Honestly, it’s easy for us:

The right architecture, the right energy, the right vector. That's all.